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It is said that the dog is man’s best friend but, in the case of blind people, dogs become their eyes and their means of protection and support to feel safe.  

Undoubtedly, the help of the guide dog is essential for blind people, and, of course, their training requires time, money and effort. Have you ever wondered how to adopt one of these animals? If you want to be part of this beautiful work, read on!

Every year about 100 dogs leave this centre fully prepared to help people with visual disabilities, but before their training begins. In contrast, the dogs chosen are puppies, families are needed to adopt and care for them until, more or less. They meet the first year.

If you meet these requirements and the organization decides that your family is fit to care for one of their puppies, they will provide you with food, a veterinarian and all the necessary materials for their proper education. Of course, you have to be well aware and know that this reception will last 10 or 12 months.

In addition to this, you have another option: adopt a retired guide dog. When these dogs turn eight to ten years old, it is time for retirement, so they need a family if the blind person they helped cannot take care of them. If you are willing to give a lot of love to these animals and respect their routines until they get used to their new home, do not hesitate!

By adopting these types of dogs, you are doing a beautiful job.

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 Are you thinking of raising the family? Do you want a pet that cheers your days or those of a friend or relative? It is undoubtedly a complicated decision,  but before going to a pet store think you have other alternatives.

From our guide we propose some reasons not to buy in pet stores:

– Animals, on some occasions, are not treated as they should and live locked up until someone buys them.

– Many times, due to the situation in which they find themselves in the store, people end up acquiring these animals by grief, which later causes them to be abandoned when the family becomes aware of this ‘impulse purchase’.

– Many of the vendors working in this type of establishments are that: sellers, so they do not have enough knowledge to speak with ownership of the different races.

– A puppy in a pet store has a high price, mainly depending on the breed. If you adopt one of a protector, you will not only have to pay anything, but you will help a homeless animal – who has had a hard time – to have one.

– If you buy any exotic species, you may be contributing to the poaching of these animals or for sale ‘in black’.

– Your pet can present problems when it comes to socializing and adapting to the home, as they are usually alone in their cages until they are acquired.

– Due to the factories in which they are raised and the environment in which they live, many of these animals develop chronic diseases.

– Just as they sell an animal to you, they can sell it to people who can harm them, because they don’t even ask for the DNI to buy it.

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