America’s Choice Mini Flake Shaving 3cuft Bale




Americas Choice Mini Flake Mini Flake Bedding, 3 Cu. Ft. – Quantity 40

The features of this product

– This version is super absorbent.

– It has a compressed design

– It has multi-screened pine Shavings.   

The description of this version

America’s Choice Mini Flake Bedding is well-designed for multi-screened pine shavings and is user-friendly. On the other hand, it is very absorbent. The compressed bedding is suitable for saving up your money. It also has features related to 3.0 CUFT.  

All-natural wood shavings for use in stalls and as animal bedding. Triple screened and eliminated irritating dust, removing a flake-type shaving. Besides, this version is absorbent and virtually dust-free. It lasts longer than typical shavings because the unsoiled version falls through the fork when cleaning. Last but not least, this version is an eco-friendly product for users.

Product detail 

Expanded Volume: 8.0 Cu. Ft.

Wood Type: Pine

Compressed Volume: 3.0 Cu. Ft.

Size: Mini Flake

Brand: America’s Choice

UPC: 00037461303012

Package Quantity: 1

Unit of Measurement: BAG

Country of Origin: United States of America 


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